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Over the past 15 years, Sky Dayton has founded and built companies that have helped to propel the Internet into our everyday lives.

Sky founded EarthLink in 1994 at the age of 23 after becoming frustrated with how hard it was to connect to the Internet. EarthLink grew to serve millions of consumers and helped usher in the Internet revolution.

Sky has founded, co-founded or helped build companies with an aggregate market value of over $5 billion. Since 1999, these include JAMDAT Mobile (which went public and was purchased by Electronic Arts in 2005), LowerMyBills (purchased by Experian in 2005), Neopets (purchased by Viacom in 2005), (purchased by RH Donnelly in 2007), Helio (purchased by Virgin Mobile USA in 2008), Boingo Wireless, which Sky founded in 2001 and went public in 2011, and Ring (purchased by Amazon in 2018).

Sky is currently chairman of Age of Learning, the leading children's online education company, Co-Founder of CSS, CloudKitchens, and a board member at Diffbot, an AI company, at Artsy, the largest online marketplace for fine art, and at Joby Aviation, which is building novel vertical take-off and land (VTOL) aircraft based on electric propulsion.

Prior to EarthLink, Sky co-founded a computer graphics boutique catering to the entertainment industry, and a popular coffeehouse in West Hollywood, Calif. He graduated from the Delphian School in Oregon in 1988 and chose to forgo college to pursue his interests in business and technology.

Sky has received numerous awards and honors. He was named one of Business Week’s top entrepreneurs and chosen as the University of Southern California's entrepreneur of the year. He has been featured in Fortune, Forbes, WIRED, Wall Street Journal, CNBC, CNN and in hundreds of other media.

An avid surfer, poker player and jet-rated pilot, Sky resides in the Northwest United States with his wife, bestselling novelist Arwen Elys Dayton, and their three children.