Oral test (2 hours)

Review flight plan for day



     Flight following KVCV 9500, left turn direct PDZ 2500 until 2way with Socal

Flight plan

     KCNO PDZ V442 APLES.RNAV17 KVCV / 9500

XPDR assigned by tower

Take off runway 26L

     “Fire” — rejected takeoff

     V1 cut

          Step on “good engine” (or just keep coordinated)

          Rotate at VR, pitch up to FD bars, pos rate gear up, FLC knob V2

                    Bonus points “climbing 2.7 degrees, above ODP"

          1000 AGL (1650 MSL) AP on, YD off, FLC VFS

                    If no turn: at V2+10 flaps 0 and CON/CLB

                    If need to turn, start turn and V2+10 CON/CLB, turn finished flaps 0

          Stable climb, Engine failure checklist EAP5-4

                    End of checklist, recommend return to airport/KONT

          Return to 2 engines

Fly to KVCV

     PDZ V442 APLES

     SoCal 127.25, then Joshua 124.55

          Request RNAV17 full procedure, published missed hold ETHER

     Pick up KVCV ATIS 134.75

     Descent/arrival briefing, checklists, brief approach, load VSpeeds, etc

RNAV17 KVCV hand flown, reversionary mode

     Autopilot (to FAF)

     Reversionary mode

          iPad with approach plate

          No VNAV, use VS with step downs to FAF

               7200 NANCC, 5200 SCCAT, level and drive to GS 3 miles before SUZZQ

     180kts 65% power

     15 NM from MAP flaps 1, slow to 150

     GS alive gear down

     3 green flaps 3

     Dot below GS full flaps

     On GS, power 55% slow to VREF

     HDG sync

     Set missed approach alt [8500]

     Stay on GS and LOC, call out 500 (3575) and 100 (3175) above mins

Missed approach

     Go missed at 3075

     TOGA button

     TOGA power

     Pitch to bars

     Flaps -2 notches

     Positive rate gear up

     Set NAV mode + FLC 160

     500 AGL (3385) AP ON

     +120, flaps up, CON/CLB

     [8500] power at 65%

     Fly full missed to hold at ETHER, tune power to 180 KIAS for next maneuver

Steep turns

     Use hold OBS for ease

     AP HDG clearing turns right then left, back to heading 070

     Steep turn left 45°, add 2.5% power in turn, hold flight path marker on horizon

     Start rollouts 10 degrees ahead

     45°+/- 5°, 8500 +/- 100 ft, 180 +/- 10 KIAS

Stall in LDG config

     AP on 8500 ft, 65% power

     Flaps 1 (below 200 kts)

     Flt idle

     Gear down

     Flaps 3

     Flaps full

     120 kts red button

     Pitch up to main alt, at 12° “STALL”

     Full power

     Lower nose 2.5°

     Flaps -2 notches

     Pos rate, gear up

     +120 KIAS flaps up

     AP on

     Back to 8500, 60% power

Stall in DEP config

     AP on

     Flaps 1


     HDG mode, start turn 270° left

     120 kts, red button

     Hold back pressure

     At 12° AOA, “STALL”

     Full power + level wings

     Sync HDG bug

     +120 kts, flaps 0, AP on

     Back to 8500, 60% power

Stall AP induced

     AP on

     Flight idle

     “STALL”, red button

     Full power, pitch up to command bars

     AP on, 60% power

Single engine warning/shutdown & restart

     E1(2) OIL LO PRES or E1(2)CTRL FAULT

     Engine off

     Engine in-flight start checklist NAP1-14

          Engine on, remain in idle     

VMC demo

     AP on HDG mode level 75% power

     Flaps 1, gear down, flaps 3, flaps full

     Power 50%

     Under 120 kts, red button, coordinated

     Slow to 100 kts VREF

     With no additional rudder, add full power

     Observe induced roll

     Immediate reduce power + lower nose

     “VMC demo complete, cleaning up”

          Sync HDG bug

Flaps up 2 clicks right away while increasing power and pitching down
slightly to keep speed above green donut

          LDG gear up as speed comes up

          Achieve VFS, hold altitude, remove flaps gradually, add power and speed

          Climb clean back to altitude [5500 OK] for ILS approaches

SE ILS17 KVCV — Coupled

     Yaw trim to stay coordinated, 75% power, [5500?] altitude

     One engine inoperative approach and landing checklist NAP1-23

     Load ILS17, Vectors-Final as instructed

     Full approach briefing, WX, VSpeeds, follow NAP1-23 checklist

     Joshua Approach, request vectors ILS17 to missed, followed by ILS 17 to landing

     15NM from RWY, flaps 1, slow to 150 kts

     “Cleared for the approach” click APR

     GS alive, gear down, 1 dot flaps 3

     On GS 65% power, slow to VREF

     Sync HDG bug

     Set missed alt [5500] and prepare for HDG 300 after missed

     Stay coordinated SE through pitch & power changes

     Call out 500 (3525) and 100 (3125) above mins

SE missed approach

     At 3025, go missed

     SE full power + pitch up to bars + control yaw + flaps -2 notches (to flaps 1)

     HDG mode to stay on runway centerline

     Positive rate, gear up

     FLC VAC

     1000 AGL (3825), AP on, YD off, FLC VFS

     HDG 300

     VAC +10, CON/CLB [and when turn finished] flaps 0

     5500 ft ~175 kts power 75%

Balance fuel in level flight

     Fuel XFR button until “Fuel balanced” CAS message

SE ILS17 KVCV — hand landing

     “Approach speeds and briefing remain the same"

     Joshua Approach, request vectors ILS17 to full stop

     Activate Vectors-Final

     VSpeeds, follow NAP1-23 checklist

     15NM from RWY, flaps 1, slow to 150 kts

     “Cleared for the approach” click APR

     GS alive, gear down, 1 dot flaps 3

     On GS 65% power, slow to VREF

     Sync HDG bug

     Set missed alt [6000]

     AP off at FAF

     Stay on GS and LOC, on VREF, call out corrective actions

     Stay coordinated SE through pitch & power changes

     Call out 500 (3525) and 100 (3125) above mins

     Land as instructed, roll out smooth

Depart RW17 for return to RW17

     Request appropriate taxi, departure

     Engines running quick turn checklist

          Don’t be surprised by SPWS, clear and ask examiner to run stall test while taxi

     Normal takeoff, to altitude, HDG, AP on, after take-off checklist

No flaps landing RW17 visual

     Flaps failure

     Flap fail checklist EAP7-3

     VREF full + 25, landing distance factor 1.4

     Descent, landing checklist, Vspeeds, etc.

     Bank angle below 20°

     Request the option from KVCV tower, pattern entry 1500 AGL (4325)

     Sync HDG bug, set alt [8500]

     Land at VREF full + 25 [for sure below 139!]

Touch & go

     Instructor sets flaps 1

     TOGA button

     Full power

     Rotate at VAC [+25]

     Pos rate, gear up

     HDG mode

     500 AGL, AP on FLC 160 8500

Back to KCNO

     Joshua Approach, request flight following KCNO 8500


     VNAV CAZBY 4400 [vectors-final]

     Request SoCal ILS26R, circling 26L

     Full descent…landing checklist, ATIS, brief approach, etc.

     Set circling mins [1180 MSL / 530 AGL]

     Tower “request low appr 26R left traffic 26L"

     15NM from runway, 65% power, flaps 1, slow to 150 kts

     3NM from FAF gear down

     MDA set 1180

     0.5NM from FAF, full flaps, power 55%, start slowing to VREF

     FAF set VS 700

     At MDA call field in sight [examiner]

     Leveling at MDA, incr power to maint 120 (8-10%)

     Approaching MAP, HDG mode (present heading)

     Appr dep end of rwy, left 90 deg for crosswind

     0.75M abeam runway 26L left into downwind (check track, not heading)

     1000 ft from touchdown point, flaps full, power back 5%, -200 VS

     Turn base hand fly landing 26L VREF

Taxi back to FBO