Cabo San Lucas Spring 2001

I surfed with some friends at a deserted “secret spot” in the back country near Cabo San Lucas, Baja in the Spring of 2001. The day before, we surfed the spot until dark, and when we tried to get our van out to get back to the hotel, we got it stuck in the sand. Fortunately, we had packed big lunches which we couldn’t finish, so we converted the leftovers to dinner and slept in the van. We woke up the next morning to a beautiful sunrise and head high perfect waves!

There were only a few other guys out, and one of them was Chris Owen, a Nokia sales exec who also happened to be a great surfer and surf photographer. In fact, one of his shots had recently landed on the cover of Surfing Magazine. When Chris put on his flippers, helmet and waterproof camera rig, he offered to take some shots of me.